Light out of you
The first single from The HusBand is a beautiful story about a seahorse and jellyfish. A simple, yet deep metaphor, like we're living in the city
and never meet our love who is only a heartbeat away
"It took about a year, starting from my simple guitar sketch with a demo song to finding the right vocal and sound and then combining it all together in the studio. After that, I was looking for some eye-catching visual to convey my own feelings of the track, and I chose... a seahorse and jellyfish. I believe that you the viewer will find it the perfect match for the song. Enjoy!"

Nikolay Pere, author & producer

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and discover real love under the sea

In this darkness, at that city
Where all lights are so cold and dead
There is only one light for me
The only one which I really needed
Oh, don't you know
How I'm feeling at that moment
You're breathing so close to me?


Oh, you don't know
I stay all right because of light
Light out of you
This light out of you, light out of you
This light out of you is shining through


This light out of you, light out of you
This light out of you is shining through

In this darkness, your light leads me
When I'm lost in the sea
Oh, please


Keep it shining, you're inspiring
Without you it seems like
I don't feel the breeze

I got only feeling
When you're close to me
And my heart is burning fire


I got only feeling
You'll always be, always be the sun
For me

Special thanks to
amazing people who helped me to make this project happen

Pavel Voloshin
Nik Scvortsov
Anree Chess
Andrey Poisonpro
Nikolay Novokovsky
Egor Maraev
Kristine Mettus
Gleb Orlov
Svetlana Firsova
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Produced by Nikolay Pere
© 2017. All rights reserved